LifePort and Enflite under new ownership

LifePort and Enflite under new ownership


LifePort and Enflite under new ownership

LifePort and Enflite announced that former employees Jason Darley, Kevin Kieper, and Frank Graham, along with a private investor, have acquired the company.

LifePort and Enflite’s new leadership group will be committed to providing the best possible service and an enhanced commitment to its customers, suppliers, and partners.

A company reorganization is under way to facilitate a streamlined company that is responsive, competitive, and customer and supplier-oriented. The reorganization places Darley as CEO and president, Kieper will resume his former role as vice president and general manager at Enflite, while Graham will return as VP of sales and business development.

LifePort was founded on the core belief that its customers and employees are their most valuable asset. The new leadership group will ensure they own every aspect of the customer experience and will set the standard for quality, customer service, and on-time delivery.

“We are excited to leverage LifePort and Enflite’s market share, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities with our staff to elevate our products and services to the next level and re-establish the LifePort and Enflite standard,” said Graham.

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