Composite Flat Panel

LifePort's composite flat panel and curved panel product lines are expanding the art of the possible for aircraft. With our innovative technology and practical design, the panels offer durability, strength, and weight reduction while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance. From cabinetry to interiors, LifePort's panels are versatile in their application, making them an excellent choice for aircraft manufacturers, completion centers, and operators alike. With experience in the aviation industry that spans more than three decades, LifePort has a proven track record of consistently providing quality products and services. LifePort’s commitment to the ongoing design, development and upgrade of composite panels and their manufacturing is another example of our commitment to meeting the ever-evolving needs of the aviation industry. Consider LifePort's composite panel solutions for a seamless and polished interior to take your aircraft to the next level.

LifePort offers the a variety of flat panel products in various sizes.

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Aerospace Adhesives and Structural Panel Pins

LifePort, a leading aerospace solutions provider, has
recently introduced a new range of adhesives and structural pins. These innovative products meet the demanding needs of today's aerospace industry, where every component must withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, and stresses. With their superior bonding strength and durability, LifePort's adhesives and pins are the perfect choices for aircraft manufacturers and operators who demand nothing less than the very best. Whether you want to improve your aircraft's structural integrity or need a reliable adhesive for your next project, LifePort has the solution for you. Trust us to provide quality aerospace products to fly high and stay safe in the skies.

Products include ATR-150, ATR-200, ATR-250, ATR-355, ATR-360, ATR-373, ATR-525, ATR-1000

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Composite Manufacturing

LifePort specializes in manufacturing complex composite parts, utilizing cutting-edge technology and top-of-the-line equipment to produce high-quality products for diverse industries. Whether it's aerospace, defense, or medical, LifePort's team of skilled professionals takes pride in their ability to exceed industry standards and create customized solutions for our clients. From initial design to final production, our streamlined process ensures efficiency and precision at every step, resulting in products that are not only
visually appealing but also incredibly functional. With extensive experience in the field, LifePort continues to deliver innovative solutions tailored to meet
each client's unique needs.

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Composite Armor Systems

LifePort's composite armor systems offer an unparalleled level of protection for air and ground vehicles alike. Engineered with advanced materials and technologies, these systems deliver lightweight, high-strength protection against ballistic threats. Beyond their superior protective capabilities, these armor systems are designed with versatility in mind and are
easily customizable to meet the unique needs of individual aircraft, vehicles, or missions. LifePort's commitment to innovation and quality ensures that our armor systems are rigorously tested and consistently exceed industry standards. Whether you seek protection for military or commercial applications, LifePort's
composite armor systems provide a reliable and effective solution to safeguarding your assets and personnel.

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