Ballistic Center of Excellence

LifePort is transforming the ballistic industry with its mission to provide top-tier quality products for end-users. LifePort has strategic partnerships with key suppliers and has successfully vertically integrated most of the value chain, such as developing future ballistic recipes, consolidating materials, and testing products. LifePort has successfully reduced cost, risk, and quality issues through its Ballistic Center of Excellence. The center is located within the company's headquarters, and is used to develop and test state-of-the-art armor systems to protect passengers and crew members from ballistic threats. As aircraft, vehicles, and personnel risks continue to evolve, LifePort's innovative approach ensures its customers are well-prepared to address them with high-quality products. With a team of industry experts, the latest manufacturing capabilities, and cutting-edge processes, the Ballistic Center of Excellence is a testament to LifePort’s unwavering commitment to ballistic innovation. Whether designing the next generation of helicopter armor or enhancing existing systems, the center is pushing the boundaries of what is possible and improving aviation safety in contested environments.

Design & Engineering Services

LifePort is a renowned design and engineering service provider specializing in supporting in-house ballistic recipe development for future solutions. With expertise in manufacturing processes and advanced material technologies, the team is well-equipped to design and develop products that exceed industry standards. LifePort’s track record is a testament to  unmatched
capabilities in the industry, and our mission to provide the highest quality products that ensure our customers are safe and protected. The LifePort commitment to excellence sets us apart and has earned us a reputation as a leading provider of design and engineering services for ballistic solutions.

Quality Manufacturing

LifePort specializes in creating high-quality ballistic protection solutions built to the highest standards. Using rigorous industry testing protocols combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, LifePort's products provide the ultimate protection and peace of mind. Whether in law enforcement, security, or the military, LifePort offers protection to stay safe and secure no matter where your mission takes you.


LifePort is a company that provides top-of-the-line products and services for our customers. As a part of that process, we have an in-house ballistic testing range that allows us to perform rigorous and comprehensive tests on products before they are released, including high and low-temperature pre-condition ballistic testing. LifePort adheres to strict standards, ensuring our products meet the highest level of quality and safety.