The Sky's the Limit

33 Years of Aerospace Solutions

LifePort was founded in 1990 by Gary Darley and a small group of business partners in Woodland, Washington. Mr. Darley was a licensed Physician’s Assistant with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for providing innovative solutions to unique mission communities. Throughout his career, Mr. Darley supported patients in remote locations and utilized aircraft to transport patients needing urgent care. As a result of his experiences, Mr. Darley identified a need to safely load and transport patients when operating aircraft for medical transport. This launched LifePort’s flagship product, the Patient Loading Utility System (PLUS). The PLUS revolutionized air medical transport and propelled LifePort into the global leader in the design, manufacturing, certification, and integration of aerospace solutions, including air medical, armor, and custom cabinetry and seating interiors.

With over 33 years of experience and a portfolio of over 1,000 products, LifePort is committed to making a difference in people’s lives by providing safe, mission-driven products and services. For more than three decades, LifePort has supplied aerospace OEM’s, air ambulance operators, law enforcement agencies, prime government contractors, US Military branches, and foreign militaries with quality solutions to solve their challenges.

LifePort’s exceptional employees and a driven company culture led by a dedicated leadership team support our ability to innovate, design, engineer, structurally analyze, manufacture, and install our products in various fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft. Jason Darley, CEO of LifePort, leverages our history of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to unparalleled quality to provide customers with the best products, services, and support worldwide.