Fixed Wing Systems

LifePort's fixed-wing air medical solutions are changing the game for healthcare transportation. Our innovative design allows medical professionals to transport patients safely and efficiently, providing life-saving care during critical times. Powered by advanced technology, LifePort products have state-of-the-art medical equipment and fully customizable interiors to meet each customer's needs. With a focus on safety and comfort, LifePort's fixed-wing air medical solutions offer the highest level of care during unexpected emergencies or critical medical transports. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to improving patient outcomes make us a trusted leader in the air medical industry.

Fixed Wing Solutions

Rotary Wing Systems

Discover the unparalleled capabilities of LifePort's rotary wing systems, specifically engineered for air medical operations. Our state-of-the-art solutions offer aircraft operators myriad innovative features that enhance mission effectiveness, optimize patient care, and streamline workflow—trusted by air medical professionals worldwide for our ergonomic designs, seamless integration, and robust safety components. Never compromise on performance – equip your fleet with LifePort's Rotary Wing Systems today, and experience the difference quality and innovation can bring to your operations.

Rotary Wing Solutions

Stacking Litter Systems

Safety is the top priority When transporting critically ill patients and supplies in austere situations. That's where LifePort's stacking litter systems come in to ensure safe and secure transport in challenging offshore and remote environments. With their unique stacking design, these litters store easily and deploy within minutes, making them essential equipment in any medical transportation setting. Whether responding to a natural disaster, a mass casualty event, or simply needing to transport a critically ill patient between collection points, LifePort's stacking litter system is the reliable and safe choice.

Litter Systems

Medical and Utility Flooring

The importance of aircraft flooring can always be emphasized, especially in medical and utility operations. LifePort's medical and utility flooring presents an unmatched solution featuring the lightweight LifeGard coating that provides seal and protection, making it the top choice in multi-mission capable aircraft and medevac operations. The flooring safeguards the aircraft floor and offers superior protection for missions ranging from firefighting aircraft transporting personnel and equipment to air medical transports with liquid body substances.

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Medical Seating

LifePort's medical seating epitomizes comfort, safety, and versatility. With a focus on ergonomic design and engineering, these seats are ideal for air medical transport. LifePort's medical seating ensures safety and comfort during critical care or routine facility transfers while enabling the medical staff to provide the best care possible. The seats are thoughtfully designed to provide maximum support and decrease the risk of patient injury during movement. The flexibility and adjustability of these medical seats make them a popular choice among medical professionals. LifePort's medical seating is a game-changer in the medical transportation industry, offering quality, reliability, and convenience to medical professionals while they care for their patients.

Patient Loading System

LifePort's patient loading system is designed to integrate with medical fixed-wing aircraft seamlessly. This state-of-the-art system has become a standard in the industry and streamlines the loading and unloading process, saving precious time in critical situations. At LifePort, we believe that every second counts regarding patient care, and we're proud to offer a solution that meets the demanding needs of today's healthcare professionals.