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AeroSled Arch, PC-12, 100-6148

AeroSled Arch, PC-12, 100-6148

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The AeroSled Arch is an accessory mounting platform used with the AeroSled TS for equipment accompanying the occupant during transport in a PC-12.  Features include: Telescoping IV hangar with mount pole, mounting extrusion, flip-up leg for occupant sheet transfer, easy installation/removal, and a 25 pound (11.34 kilogram) weight capacity. Unit weighs less than 8lb (3.62 kilogram).

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Approved under the following LifePort STC's: 

A/C Make A/C Model - LifePort STC
 Pilatus PC-12, 45, 47- SA00272LA


For use with AeroSled series part numbers: AS1-001, 100-4063.

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