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AeroSled Folding TW, AS1-027

AeroSled Folding TW, AS1-027

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The AeroSled Folding TW is a personnel stretcher used with the LifePort latch system of a PLUS base unit. Features include: TSO rated belt, adjustable backrest, 22" wide for occupant comfort and hinged in the middle to fold for ease of storage. Unit weighs approximately 35 pounds (16 kilogram).

Call for current pricing.

AeroSled latch spacing required prior to ordering.

A/C Make A/C Model - LifePort STC
Pilatus PC12, 45, 47 - SA00272LA // PC24 - SA001084DE

Item is currently available for approval under an FAA form 8110-3 for some aircraft. Contact LifePort Customer Service at for additional information.

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