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Oxygen "Piggyback" Shroud, ST1-090-01

Oxygen "Piggyback" Shroud, ST1-090-01

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The Piggyback Shroud is an E-cylinder oxygen bottle retaining device used with the AeroSled TD, generally during NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) transport.  The shroud holds four (4) E-cylinder bottles and is quick to remove or install onto the AeroSled TD.

This product is available in two versions.

ST1-090-01 Shroud is available with two pieces of brownline seat track mounted on top of shroud to provide additional mounting locations for ancillary equipment.

 Unit weighs approximately 30 pound (13.6 kilogram).

For use with AeroSled "cargo" series part numbers. Not compatible with an AeroSled intended for an adult occupant.

Item is currently available for approval under an FAA form 8110-3 only. Contact LifePort Customer Service at for additional information.

Call for current pricing.

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